Protected: I like this life


While some have had some pretty bad days or rather week, I find myself having the best few days of the summer (not taking to account Europe). First I get something big to look fowards to; “Andre vs. Mom” the final death match, haha. Which sadly never happened. I wish it did, maybe I should force us to screw up again so I can meet her, I know she will like me and my natural laziness and the talent for doing things that most guys don’t do.

Or the skill of being able to take crap from people and their anger. I love when people come to me with their problems which up to an extent I don’t really care about except what the result of that anger might have directly on me. I might start charging for this sercive. But I don’t mind it, so feel free to come again. It’s highly entertaining.

Other than that, someone seems to have noticed that I like knowing things ahead of time, thank you. Like today I know what I will be doing. It took most of the summer, but its never too late.