Protected: Homecoming: Part 1


So if my suspicions that Homecoming would be really pointless, well now I have evidence that it will be pointless. After a stressful week of school I’ll take a 4-5 hour train trip to Pennington. Saturday I need a haircut, I’ll sit and watch small yellow balls going back and forth for 2 hours, and than go to a dance where I’ll ‘dance’ all night long. All priceless memories to contrast the ludicrous price for train tickets.So who knows, maybe the next time will be only on Thanksgiving. Ok, I got that out of my system.

As for school life. I’m here (unchanged, although I did have a long conversation with someone in between classes, that was nice). Calcus is getting hard, Logic is getting insane and I can smell a really hard test coming sometime next week. And if that wasn’t enough, I need to find a project that has to do with learning and sexy robotic dogs by Monday.

For the daily jokes from my Logic teacher:

bq. I don’t get mad, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get even.

I always thought “Jack and Gill” was a dirty story – I loved telling them to my grandchildren.