Protected: Holding Hands


This morning I woke up with the memory of the first big discussion about what was appropriate and what was not. Holding hands seems like the most trivial thing in the world, but not for us. This was the discussion:

goerdisney: sry, computer (how i hate it)
musicbyte256: np… I was talking to myself again. . .
goerdisney: not too long though
musicbyte256: I was talking about the fact that we never hold hands in school. I really don’t see why we can’t in school too. but now back to talking about coffee. . .
musicbyte256: how do you know the coffee comes from Guatemala?
goerdisney: that’s so funny i was going to talk to you about that tonight, the coincidence, the coffee got shipped over, how i have no idea
musicbyte256: well, yeah. but you should no that the most famous coffee comes from Columbia even though 80% of Columbian coffee comes from Brazil. they just change the label.
goerdisney: well from what i know its from Guatamala
musicbyte256: so about the coincidence… talk about it (hehe, love multiple meanings)

goerdisney: well what do you want me to say, its weird stuff, its easy when we’re alone but somehow 10x different when we’re around ppl we know
musicbyte256: hmm hmm. like saying ‘hi’ in the beginning?
goerdisney: right
goerdisney: we gotta try a little harder
musicbyte256: I’ll make sure to. even if requires brute force :-p
goerdisney: it wont, id gladly accept it
musicbyte256: jolly good than…
goerdisney: than thats settled
musicbyte256: I was looking it up (converting to kg) and 100lbs is a lot of coffee
goerdisney: yeah it is, it took almost an hour to bag

I had forgotten how cute we once were. I love how the coffee conversation was still going even in the middle of this ‘delicate topic’. The result of this I also remember very clearly. I walked as usual to her locker, where I made myself a fool and watcher her get stuff from her locker. And then the big moment happened we sort of grabbed each other’s hand. I recall making some stupid comment, but I couldn’t let go and I walked with her all the way to math class. Later months I go the talk about how she needed her ‘private space’ to be alone. I guess I can never do anything right, and I never know when to stop. But this conversation is cute and innocent, and I love it.