Protected: High Expectations


I had to wait and see the reaction in order to write this so I apologize for the delay. Friday was a very nice day, literally and metaphorically. I woke up late (7ish), took a shower, read the news online and sent some e-mail, and off to school I went for a final goodbye. I love the feeling of knowing that someone is expecting something; it makes life only more interesting. After a deep study of the Princeton Campus the night before (yeah right) I had the pleasure to guide someone through it. I’m still amazed I didn’t get lost, that would have been bad. Than it started to rain, but I personally didn’t mind it, since it made the evening more interesting. This is where improvising began. It’s impossible to just say it without looking odd, or just random, so I decided to just wait and let things happen. It didn’t happen at least not really unless a joke about it counts. And even though I didn’t say it I did learn something from the Princeton bench episode, one should be very serious when saying it (even though it is impossible when being so happy). That only left one more chance… the forsaken driveway with it’s thousand-and-one spying eyes. I always have a feeling someone is watching or is about to come into scene (yes, you Hope and Kevin). But it happened it felt great. Never thought it would make such a difference, it makes brightens my day every time I think of it.

On another note, I have watched 3 movies in 4 days now. I must be really bored.