Protected: Bouncy balls bounce up again


The more I talk to people (except Brie who is so unreachable) the more I see how I setup myself for this. Last week was so amazing, my life seemed to be right on track till the end of time. I saw nothing in between my dreams and desires. At least now I know that this person wont run away if I ever say something which she isn’t yet ready for.

There is a gap between us, and I completely overlook it for was never on your side. Please, people should warn me to stop if I get carried away. Say something, that’s why this page has the little [comment] link.

Other than that, food has been awful for the past 2 days. I meet with Prof. Davidson to talk about my own research project. I have to shave to-morrow morning. It’s said when I only care about my appearances because of professors. This is what happens when I have no one to care about next to me. I go back to my earlier ways of living, like a cave man.

Oh, that reminds me. We took the trash out today. 6 large bags and 2 boxes stuffed with stuff. I don’t my roommates and I have ever had so much fun together. By the end of the cleanup we wanted to take other people’s trash out too, just for the enjoyment. Someone in the elevator even asked us if we were taking the entire floor’s trash down, but no, it was just the mess 6 people make in less than a week.