Protected: Back home


Home, is, interesting. We have so much stuff that now it doesn’t fit in our new, smaller, house. My ‘room’ is piled with boxes much like all the other rooms of the house. There are bookshelves everywhere you look (including staircases). My room is larger than my old one which a kind of plus. But the house it self just is different. I feel like I’m in a hotel or a very good friend’s house. Oh well, that’s life.

Last night was tasty. I feel like I haven’t been to this town in ages, Ice cream is good (and so cheap too). It felt like it was the first time going out, which is far from true now. Can’t wait for next time in 6 weeks. Than I went out to Princeton (late 9ish) to walk around and drink a cup of tea. I love the city much like some love their house (Princeton is my house).