Protected: Andre vs. “Mom”


These past few days have been interesting to say the list. First there was the little incident with “Mom” reading things which really were non of her business (even though someone really did help that by leaving everything at her fingertips). Than after a very quiet day in the word of AIM the idea of seeing the movie next to the Hopewell train station poped-up. And guess who got in the middle of a little childish fight? ME. But I really don’t care because in all of the insulting there were some very nice complements. Oh, I liked them (even though they were meant as mean things)….

So today, stay tuned for the final deathmatch of Andre vs. “Mom”. Ok guys, I can’t fight so what should I do:

  • Bring an Apple Pie?
  • Was her car before she wakes up?
  • Weed the yard for her?