Protected: A very convenient break


This break could have not been better planned. If I had been in Albany this weekend thins would have gone out of proportion. I never felt like I feel now, mad and yet happy. Mad for silly things which I should be able to understand but I simply will never understand. This is the equivalent to the scar Rae gave me when I went roller skating (hehe, almost a year now). It will always be there no matter how I try to ignore it. But happy for so many things. To know that I can take risks and not risk what I hold so dearly. For the first time I’m not afraid to speak my mind or to take initiative and what is best of all I don’t feel guilt nor anxiety.

This is the start of me truely enjoying life. I know my limits, and I know how much I can break them (from example). Whahaha. Can’t wait to return to the #1 Party School in the world.