1 week down 6 to go


It has been awhile since I last had a week like this one. I started Monday being up with the clouds, mid-week I noticed I was too happy and that I didn’t quite grasp everything that was going on around me and today I got back to solid ground with quite a few bruises. I was talking to a friend today and I got on the subject of how things look until I go to college. If my math is right, I have 6 weeks here at home and at this rate it it means so many things. I rather not list them but I’m sure you people are smart enough to guess. I think this where I finally touched down on solid ground from Monday, or maybe I’m already underground closer to you know what. But I have learned the trick (which does work), as long as I recall the good moments I’ll be happy, I’m happier already. Moments to come also work, since I decided what to do Monday and Tuesday.