Past Week


This week has been by far one of the quickest of the summer. With all the stress of doing everything before the trip left little time for this. Right now I have 3 bags in my room, one for college orientation and two for Europe. The Europe backpack still has to be packed and I honestly don’t know how to begin. The thing is so small (I wanted to be small) that I don’t know if I should group clothing by type or by day in layers (each layer with shirt, socks…) because I know I wont be able to reach the bottom of it when I’m done packing.

I have seen people get excited so many times this year: prom, work, Kev, APES, Boston trip. But this is the one excitement of the year, yay!! Sorry for leaving anyone behind, but as I noticed last night, this trip has been on my mind since who knows when (1st grade even).