Paradise Regained


I hate when people note that ‘it has been a long time’ since they wrote and entry: so I will not do that (wait, did I just do it unconsciously?). Anyway. School has begun again, and I was hoping I would be having a lot of work but so far I have almost none (other then reading).

* British Literary Traditions: Tiny lady, who talks really fast and repeatedly stresses that she likes complex stuff (ie. mood, theme, symbols… are not interesting). Paradise Lost is simply a great book (despite being hard).
* Understanding Science: Funny, hippie, suspender wearing, and pony tail man. The theme of the class is how science affects sosciety, whatever that means.
* Linear Algebra: Technically I can’t be in this class but the teacher is good (and nice to me), with funny European accent, the class will definitely tickle my brain.
* Calculus 2: It’s a joke.
* Principles of Programming Languages: The class makes me fall a sleep, but since he doesn’t give a book or course packet, I guess I should pay at least a bit of attention.
* Independent Study: My new academic obsession.
* Choir: Nice GPA booster.
* Intro to AI (grad level): Who knows, I’ll see how the class is to-morrow, if I like it I’ll take it. The main reason for taking is because I was highly recommended by the professor that teaches it.

So yeah, I have a lot of courses. It’s so much that I tend to forget what I’m taking exactly (I have to count with my fingers to be sure I got them all). 23 credits total (if you need to know). I guess it might be too much, but I like it though.

Away from school, I have been very unproductive. My days consist of sleeping, reading, working on random stuff to keep me occupied (soon to be revealed), class, and talking for two hours at a time to someone. The trash hasn’t been taken out for some time, I have tissues all over my desk and on the floor. I have boxes of cookies full of candy wrapper (Twix and peanut butter cups thing), cups of coffee with used coffee filters inside. Yeah… I should take the trash out. Actually, I’ll do that now.