NY Surprise


The Planning

  • -5 Days: Lookup tickets. Notices that almost everything has been sold out. Thinks twice and purchases tickets. Starts to sweat about her parent’s approval.
  • -4 Days: Can’t talk to Mrs. C
  • -3 Days: Can’t talk to Mrs. C
  • -2 Days: Miss call from Mrs. C
  • -1 Days: Explain to Mrs. C the surprise. All very well planned and rehearsed. Gets a call back with approval. Thank you God.

    The Day Of
  • 10am: Mrs.C calls about where we are eating. Again, all well planned before hand
  • 3pm: Picks Brienne up (it seems that the entire house is looking at me)
  • 4pm: On our way to NY. Goes much faster than I had planned.
  • 5pm: We get in NY.
  • 5:30pm: Arrive at the area of the surprise. Some how we manage to get into a mini fight. Nothing new there.
  • 6pm: We walk around. She makes me feel bad. We go to B&N. We read really funny birthday cards such as one that mentions “doing the horizontal hula”. We go up to the 2nd floor to the kids section. I discover teen girl books are way too suggestive. We find the Dr. Seus section. Never had so much fun reading a book aloud with someone else (we read every other page). Go up 2 floors to the Cafe. She tells me that we can split a cake and that I should get a sandwich because I’m hungry. She eats 99% of the cake and leaves nothing for me. She claims I misunderstood her. She lies.
  • 7:30pm: We proceed to the Lincoln Center’s Opera House. Tiny ticket issue which is very easily fixed. Funny story, I had talked to the manager of the house once before in the train when going to Albany (very odd indeed).
  • 8pm: We enter the opera house. History about 2nd tiers. Besides box seats, it is the best area of the house. As priceless as the experience is, it is hardly priceless. Thank you parents for being oddly generous. Swan Lake is very nice. The music is all the same except for some parts where it happens to be very famous and I’m sure most people have heard it. The two hour spectacle goes by very quickly thanks to my lovely company.
  • 11:14pm: Proceed to ride back home. Wow, that was too much fun. Rides back to New Jersey will never be that exciting. That should be part of the present all by itself.
  • 12:30pm Drops her off, I’m falling asleep and almost do in her drive way.