Not everyone can have a good day


I feel for Kevin, and I think I know why too. So I wont go into that. But it was fun shopping for food this morning, and than preparing everything. We managed to finish preparing everything at 12:58, and than I raced to Rae’s house where I dropped Kevin, and raced to see Brie.

Yes. It was good (I think). Amazing what almost a month can do. And I think we are almost on the same page now. I think I saw today as being more important than it really was, but I’m so happy that I can’t help it.

Than I went to pick up Kev. Oh, that was interesting. While I floated away (like a normally do) I got surprised when Mrs.D walked out and for the 2nd time now I confused her with Rae (because of her voice). Let’s see other than she noticing I wasn’t in service (just because of my Jewish roots doesn’t mean I’m religious), the fact that I looked dressed up (but that’s just my metrosexuality) and my ‘nice’ shoes (well, she is right there)… I was very surprised by what I heard. So surprised that I completely forgot about it until I got home.

Than I tried doing Logic homework which is really hard but I couldn’t focus today. Luckily Hope was on (what’s new there), and we ended with another weird conversation with topics like “Moving to Utah” and “Compatibility” – and trust me this was just the beginning.