Not a bad 1st impression


Albany might not have been the place of choice but I think I’ll be linking these 2 next semesters after all. First is the room. The building might look nasty (since its all concrete) but I’m very pleased with my room. My room is in the corner of the buiding with my bed right on the corner length wise. My desk in the room next to my bed is also by the windo facing the entrace to school. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more.

Now to the courses and books. English is amazing. The courses title was so vague that I was assuming it would be crap American Lit. but boy was I wrong. Its all King Arthur and LOTR based. Its more than 6 books (including LOTR and Kind Arthur). That’s about 2 books a month. It will be fun. Computer Science I’ll probably change to the next level since the book is so simple. And Calculus is calculus, hard just the way I like it.

I’m so happy about the fact that I’ll be busy, because I’ve learned the being bored is very dangerous. And for once I’ll be just as busy as Brie, haha. Don’t worry I’ll still be free 24/7 for you.