New Year’s Eve


I don’t usually write much about my life, but due to the occasion I feel like sharing a bit of it. Yesterday was the most memorable New Year’s Eve to date, because after 10 months I built up the confidence to introducing Brienne to my family.

Prior to that of course we killed time by watching Spanglish which was a very pointless movie except that I know people that have gone through those experiences so it seemed a bit more interesting to me than probably the rest of the movie theater. I also enjoyed the two languages being used at the same time because to me it all seemed like one, haha. The movie itself lacked any sort of climax and conclusion, so I really wonder who edited the script because since 5th grade I recall being told that a story needs those two things in order to be complete. As for the movie experience, well, I got stuck next to a 40ish old man that was obsessed with slapping his girlfriends leg and making comments such as: “Don’t do it” – 2 characters from the movie kiss – “What a bitch!”. He clearly had ADD, and if I have never said this, I have a hard time with people who have that. It makes me want to kill them and it sadly gives me a bad impression of them as lacking any sort of self awareness and good manners. (Note that there are exceptions to this).

After the movie which I hardly could focus on, the long ride to my house began. I tried my best to take as long as possible to get home, like driving 50mph in a 65mph area, but none the less we arrived home 2 hours before 2005. It was almost funny to see the surprise on her face as it became clearer that this would be a very small ‘party’ or rather dinner before New Years, except that both of us were extremely nervous for nothing. My parents were very well behaved, because after all we had a princess at our table. Yes, the questions of what she wanted to study or where she had applied for school were asked, and it was funny to see them also ask if she planned to continue studying like I plan to. I guess that’s where I get my plans for life from. Do you look Jewish, because I don’t see it but the rest of the world seems to. I’m extremely happy with how they were pleased and this open so many new doors for future outings. By the end of the night I don’t think I have ever been prouder of who I love, my princess, Brienne. (That was the feminine side of my Metrosexuality speaking).