My very own research project


My first quiz and college essay are due tuesday, the quiz will be hard and the essay probably even more. Not to mention the reading for the other classes and the studying and the taking notes. But there is more…

I talked to my first professor about helping in a research project and guess what, I’m not helping him. I’m making my own, formal research project where at the end I will write a paper describing some innovative Artificial Intelligence idea. This is an once in a lifetime opportunity that might help me till the end of my Post Doctorate studies. If I could only decided on a project. He proposed teaching a robot how to walk, I proposed to teach a robot to identify objects while the robot is moving (eg. doors, boxes, tables…). This is hard but I might try this, after all this isn’t even a class, this is me taking initiative in something that could sling shot me much further than I ever thought possible.