My plan is working


My plan of getting to MIT seems to be going right on schedule (and even better). Today I managed to skip enough classes to become a Sophomore in Computer Science. I was also forwarded to the Professor that manages all the AI (Artificial Intelligence) research. So sometime in the next two weeks I’ll start working with a PhD student with his research. This usually happens only when a student is a Junior or Senior, I’m a freshmen. Also while talking to the dean of the Computer Science department he also directed me in getting both my BS and Masters in 4 years, this means that next semester I will already be taking graduate courses. He specially liked me because he rarely sees someone with so much talent (paraphrased from his words). The last advice was that I do have a chance in moving to MIT (he is from MIT) considering how few people manage to accomplish so much during their freshmen year.

On a more troublesome note – I am overwhelmed with things to study. Today I spent three hours on 4 pages of calculus. Than I moved to English (which is also geared for sophomores student too) with the most difficult literature I have seen in my life. But one of the short stories I thought to be very nice and I’ll post it up when I have time. Than I flipped over the Logic and Computer Science book and I was shocked. I’m exhausted. And I almost forgot that I need to learn the music for choir tonight. I still have to study more Calculus after this too so I better be going.

I would add something about how I’m taking Brie to NY first, but I’m too tired and I have more important things to do like getting into MIT.