Midway Meeting


Since Pennington is too far away, I met my parents today in NYC. Other than seeing my parents, I felt so at home, with other fellow metrosexuals and people who dress well and have much more money than I will ever have. So here are some things worth typing.

First. I noticed that I have indeed grown. I noticed this once I stood next to my mother and noticed how well I could see the top of her head. I also noticed that I feel older, and people actually look at me not as a teenager but as a young adult. On that note, I also noticed girls looking at me, since when does that happen. Pitty that they are all too late because I’m already taken. But still, a girl actually look at a nerd, who does that, maybe I’m not a nerd anymore (sigh).

Second, I found the winter coat of my dreams (from a store called Zara). It’s so nice, partially because the store aims its clothing at people like me, skinny metrosexuals(me) and partially gay people(not me) – the pink sweater was a dead give away of that.It’s like the one I had last year (for those who remember), except that this one is actually tight around the waist. I am definitely coming back to get that coat (despite the price being a bit over my ethical limit).

Third. Again, I have too much fun talking to taxi drivers. Today I talked about the ‘wild parties’ that SUNY students go to. And how easy it is to go to bars. Even though I myself have never gone to one. He was a bit sketchy too. Unlike the morning cab driver who looked like Scotty from Star Trek the Original Series.