Life themes


What if life is like a book which has already been written? Suppose we are the anaphoras and similes and metaphors that this book has? What if we are the symbols? When you read a biography at the end you always notice a pattern a person had – a battle which repeated several times and if they were lucky they managed to conclude it before their death. Yet can someone which is living in this book discover these literary elements while living? I think you can, or like to hope I can.

When I was a eager sophomore in high school at the beginnings of my learning of computer science I was called down to the principle’s office. This would be the first of many times that I would be approached over the matter of how I use computers. The story is not very interesting, and rather silly yet a very important theme began at that point. At the end of the discussion about what I did the principle told me – “What you did is like having a gun in school and not using it.” That bothered me, I hate analogies when they attack me, but I moved on after a while. I never got in trouble and that was the last time I spoke with him.

Four years later though, the same thing has occurred. I have been approached by pertaining to a script which violates the terms and conditions which the site institutes. I admit, it’s not legal to use the script, but does it mean I can’t make it available? I have taken the script down for the moment to avoid too much fuss but I don’t think this is the end. This is just the beginning. Is it illegal to make a gun and not use it? Is it illegal to be strong and not punch someone? Is it illegal to know and not use the knowledge. I choose to defy their opinion not because I disagree with why they dislike my script (because I’ll admit I would do the same thing if I worked for them) but because it feels like a possible learning opportunity. A chance to perhaps, just maybe, place a conclusion to a battle that could perhaps repeat several more times more in my lifetime.