Killer Midterms


Other than this being the 150th post…

All the classes are nice and sweet until you have your first midterm. English was giving me the most problem actually became the easier of all the classes. Math is a killer. I’m still amazed in how bad the class did (and me included). The grade distribution was:

  • 90-100: 1
  • 80-89: 1 (me)
  • 70-79: 8
  • 60-69: 6
  • 50-59: 9
  • 40-49: 4
  • 00-39: 7

Horrible. Logic was most likely the same thing, although I have confidence in getting a 90 in the class. Computer Science follows the same trend, except that curves do exist (I got a curve of 30%). So that’s life, I’m growing a beard not for a fashion statement but because I have no time to take care of the little details. My hair is also pretty bad.

Example. I woke up this morning, forgetting the time change, at 6am. So I sat up and started to study for my computer science test to-morrow. After many hours without getting up, I decided to get up and brush my teeth. Back to bed I went to study some more. 1pm I went to get ‘brunch’. Back to bed I went after that, and there I stayed. 7pm got out again for dinner. And back here I am now studying for to-morrow. My butt hurts from sitting in bed for so long. Worse of all is that this is what I did yesterday too. And even worse is that I’m no where close to finishing my studies.

Moving on. I scared the girl I’m supposed to tutor for math class so that one of my bad quiz grades can be removed from my final grade, that is after she entered my suit and saw the trash bags full of trash pseudorandomly thrown around the floor. I say pseudorandomly (other than being a cool word) because there is some reason for why they were placed. There is one by the door, so you can throw trash away before leaving the room. There is one in the middle of the suit, so that you can open your room door and just aim at the half open trash bag. There is one hiding under a desk, perfect if you want to through a lot of trash out and not be responsible for having to take that trash bag down to the ‘trash room’. Of course, none of these bags will most likely be going to the ‘trash room’ anytime soon. I actually, was very reluctant for her coming over, because I am ashamed at the condition of my suit. Its horrible.

I also have a semi-official schools that I plan to apply for transfer