Job Interview


Not quite an interview since me working seemed to be already a given from the moment we started talking. I explained the work I had done, what my experiences were, and what I expected to accomplish in the next 2 months that I am home. I think I did a good job presenting myself, I enjoy how I can speak in complete sentences when required. I miss the days of talking to professors where every word has to be thought out or else they will question the meaning of what you said.

However, the CEO of the tiny consulting not being too technical, asked one of his employees (who is probably in his late 20s) to interview me to know what my technical skills are. Wow, am I not ready for this sort of job. Because of the nature of the company, they don’t care about what is hot or what is free and hip in development. All they know is things that begin with “Visual” or “Microsoft” something something. On the other hand I’m totally hip, free and open source.

Its good that this didn’t seem to be an issue. I start working on Monday at 1pm right after class. My job, just about everything that can be passed down to me (like filing, getting coffee for the team, cleaning the white board, etc&…) but mainly research for a possible project they are doing. I will not be Dooced, but I can just feel all the interesting things I could potentially write about.