I love VT


Where to begin, maybe I could count how many days it has been since I last wrote an entry, but I rather get right to the point – I love VT. It all began weeks ago when I decided that I wanted to get back to skiing, after all I think its the sport I do best with the exception of reading. (ha ha, bad joke).

With the minor detail that I was stuck with my parents for 5 days with no hope of enjoying my nights while in Killington, Vermont, I had the best time since who knows when. Sure it wasn’t that exciting to ski by yourself for 4 days but at the same time it was amazing to be able to do what you wanted and when you wanted.

On to the skiing. I amazed myself. I only fell once, and that really did get me by surprise. I was going down (fast, of course) and I decided to go over a bump which was clearly marked for people to go around. The poles that the ski patrol usually uses are made of cheap plastic that bends so that if someone is to hit it, it wont hurt, but clearly those were not bendable. So I’m going down (this is comming down an advanced run with me having done almost no turns to control speed) and I see this bump that I had seen before but it looks alright to go off it so I head to it. Its getting close so I put my feet together in order to sqeeze by (what I think to be) flexible poles to mark the bump. I recall starting to pass through the poles and BLANK. It didn’t seemed like that at first but after I tried to figure out what happened I noticed that I clearly was not there at the time of the ‘incident’. The next thing I know I am at least 4 yards away, facing down, and not moving. What happened? From past ‘incidents’ I know the sounds and the time it takes to come to a stand still but this time I recall nothing. Conclusion, both my skiis where in to tally different directions, my poles miraculously were still on my hand which was funny (think about it – facing down arms open wide with ski poles still being held) and I wasn’t injured in any way. That was cool.

Other than that.

  1. I dicovered that some day I might be able to play a sport with my children. It’s so cute to see fathers with their little ones skiing. I wont make myself a fool and talk about it because that will make me look odd as a guy (not that most don’t think I am already).
  2. Women in skiing outfits are hot. I wrote a lengthy reason why but I don’t think I’m supposed to be going there.
  3. Vermont has no cell phone coverage. wtf. Banana Land has better cell phone service?!
  4. Never thought that I could make friends with ski lift operators (they were from Brazil and South Africa)
  5. I want to move to Vermont or New Hampshire for life, despite the lack of technology
  6. -10F isn’t so bad
  7. Can’t wait to ski again, PA or NY style who knows…