I hate doctors


I hate doctors. Today I had to go to a doctor for the first time since who knows when, and let me tell you, I hate it. I feel fine, its not like I’ll be faliing dead anytime now. But no, they have to poke you and stab you all over. Even worse is when they tell you to breath, I can breath when told to do so, its something that just happens. But I managed to skip two shots but I still had to take two other ones. I hate it all: so much that the only thing that made me happy today was the thought of “Thank god I’m a guy and not a girl” (This is all that was in my mind when I had to wait for 10min for the doctor to come). Imagine… shivers never mind, I rather not even go there. After these two shots I’m sure I’ll need at least 10 sessions with a psychologist or I could think about how lucky I am of being a guy a large gay smile dawns upon his face