Haha, me studying


Why is it that the first time I decide to seriously study for an exam, my parents think I’m up to no good. Is leaving the house early in the morning to go to a park sound that suspicious. It’s just the attempt of an innocent child to get peace and quite to concentrate on my his upcoming AP test. They might have some reason since I am planning on going out tonight and I have no intention of telling them about it. But why should I tell them that I’m going to watch a chick flick.

On another, different note, I have recently rediscovered one of my favorite (and most inappropriate song ever). I was in 8th grade when I first heard it, so give me a break, I didn’t get half of the sexual references (not even the title). Its call ‘The Bad Touch’ but most commonly known as ‘Let’s do it like on the discovery channel’. Download mp3