First week


This week was long but so many things happened that if I was religious it would take at least a year to thank God for everything. So I wont do that. But I can’t resist saying that I had a very nice conversation with someone. Apparently, from what I have been told, college is where you are supposed to find your life long ‘partner’. That doesn’t float my boat, if you are going to find someone your chances are the same everywhere you look, given that you know what you want. Like me, I know exactly what I want/need. I need someone who can set limits and someone that I can lookup to. I need someone that is decided on life and someone that can be open minded (most of the time at least). I need someone that can give a better dream for the future too. Like the one I have right now. To continue my studies up to PhD and move to Princeton. There I will teach/work until I can barely walk. I can see my self walking by the Starbucks 80 years from today, leaning on this someone since I will be very unfit to walk alone. And than from no where my grandchildren come running from behind.. Until one day I’ll lie down for one last time and be company to someone else and we will hold hands until we have no more hands (this is me burried under ground). Yep, that’s a dream. And a mighty fine one if you ask me.