First semester coming to a close


It would be an understatement to say that this month has been the fullest, most exciting, and most depressive months of my life. This month included:

  • A new record of a 2 full e-mails from Brienne
  • Destroying a computer and almost loosing everything
  • Destroying the internet socket in my room
  • Getting suspended from all internet access (long story)
  • Wasting over 7 CDs to try fixing my computer
  • …and discovering how a horrible person I am.

Not too bad for just a 30 day month. If that wasn’t enough though, this week and the next will be the worst weeks so far in my college career. Not only am I bothered with a pile of problems, but I have exams, and choir ‘gigs’ coming up everyday next week. This weekend for instance I have 3 gigs. One where I’ll sing with just 3 other people for over 4 hours at a mall (I do get 40 bucks, in cash for it). And 2 others on Sunday. Did I mention I have an exam on Monday?

With that said, only three things really stand out as reasons for me not to jump of the 13th floor (aka, the floor my room is located in):

  1. Hearing a lady state after asking about hiring the choir for a gig “Well it’s UAlbany, how bad can that be. ha-ha-ha”
  2. Today while meeting with my professor and talking about many little things a Indian professor pops out of no where with 2 plates of crackers and cheese, gives one plate for me and one for my professor and runs out of the room. Weird…
  3. And hearing this when I was introduced to another professor today: “Meet Andre, he is one of our brightest Undergraduate Students who has been working with me…” No one has ever put me under that category, and I felt amazing.