First day at Rutgers


Rutgers is a very nice school, but I believe most of that comes from its far greater history. The school itself, in many ways is smaller than UAlbany (for instance the classrooms at Scott Hall are tiny). But the impression was a very good one. I love how I seem to be a full student there and yet I am not one. At the moment I will be getting everything that any other enrolled student would get, including e-mail address (yes, I now have two profiles in and student ID.

Classes are really strenuous though, in one day of class we cover material which would regularly be covered over the span of a full week. This means that for each class I have about 80 pages of reading to do for the next day. These classes are also witting intensive (yay to bs writing). 2 page essays are starting to seem like a joke now that I have been doing so many of these.

Funny Story I go into (what I think) was my room for my first class and there are two (black/African American/what ever other political term I should use) women seating there waiting for the (yet to be) Professor to show up. After a while I start to doubt that this was my class (be being a guy didn’t bring my schedule) and so I decide to ask the name of the class that was taking place in that room. The older woman (in the 40s) tells me its a “Blacks Women” course. So I excused myself, and they were like “I was starting to get amazed at you in this class” (jokingly).

This creates a very good tie to my next class which is “Dynamics of Race, Sex, and Class