Every day seems to be the same now


Haven’t written much because as the title suggests; every day seems to be the same now. I wake up at 7:30 get out of bed at 8, procrastinate, go to class, eat at 1, go to choir, work on Aibo, eat dinner with roommate, talk to Brie, and sleep. Every single day goes exactly like the previous one.

So anything exciting happen? Hmm.. I have a pile to the ceiling of books that I have/want to read. I have been on a high for over a week now and it feels great. Choir music is fun, mainly because its all “Oh jesus has come” sort of music. I found out 2 new bands; Eve 6 and Kings of Convenience. Did I mention I’m still in a great mood for some odd reason?

Well, that’s it. My foot is still a pain (literally, but I know why, so it should get better soon). My monitor which has always been by my side for the past 10 years almost is finnaly dying. And when it goes, I’m sure it will go with a bang. Hopefully not on my face.

Last thing: I hate people that multi-task phone conversations. That’s probably where I draw the limit, and so I have. AHH!!!