Elevator Conversation


So while in the elevator today with my roommate, 3 ‘chicks’ entered and had the following conversation.

Chick 1: … so he was like, I got a twenty-dollar bill that says no one’s ever seen you without mackup.
Chick 2,3: Ooooh, maaaai god!
Chick 1: No there’s more. And than he said I’m always ‘made up’.
Chick 2,3: What an ass hole! oh my god.
Chick 1: ..and that he’s tired of my tattoos.
Chick 2: oh my god…
Chick 3: That makes no sense…
Andre: (Looks to Bill)
Bill: (Looks to Andre)
Andre: That sounds like the lyrics to that Brand New song

We were laughing for sometime, specially because the ‘chicks’ also went to lunch, and they continued to think that this was an actual comment and not just lyrics to a song. Mayvbe I should have told them about it, but it was funnier to just let Fate take its course.