The concept of flying is amazing. I love everything about it. The smell, the lack of comfort, the bad food. Airports feel so much like home, maybe because you know that you will never see anyone that you see inside an airport again. Or maybe I like airports because some areas are international ground, that is, you aren’t in any one country. And then we have flying itself. Up in the clouds, days are always nice (given that you go high enough). I think its an amazing profession.

Game Programmer
This was a crazy idea I once had when games were cool. To spend long hours making cool images pop up on the screen. I still find it a very interesting job, but if you add up the number of games that come out every year, I don’t think the job market is exactly ‘good’ for another so so programmer to try to enter it. (I’m still a member of the International Game Developers Association sigh..)

I don’t think academically you can get any higher then being a professor. Not only do you need to dedicate all of your life to study, but like a doctor, you need a doctorate. But the rewards are so many. To study what you love, to be with people that love what they study, to always be learning and most important, to teach others.