Day at the beach



Although celebrating one year and a half is not something many people do, I think it is a lovely idea. To be honest, I think every month deserves a small anniversary. This month, to celebrate the big 1.5 we decided that the beach would be a creative way of spending August 14th.

After an exciting previous night from attending a very handsome Indian wedding reception I woke up at 7am (with only 6 hours of sleep) to get ready for the beach. My mother was up and my father shortly after was up as well for no particular reason except for the fact that they are morning people. (Yes, I always include waking up as part of any good story)

The following is an extract of a conversation I had with my father when I went downstairs:
Father: How was last night?
Me: Like every other night.
F: Was it fun?
M: As usual
F: Where are you going today?
M: I don’t know.
F: Why don’t you tell me anything?! (whaaa)
M: …grunt… (Proceeds to continue watching BBC World News)

Anyway, I left the house at went to pick up Brie. It was lovely to be up at Hopewell Mountain so early to see the Great Mrs. C. going out for her morning Capochino at the local QuickCheck. After getting money, and me having to go back home to get my wallet we headed off to Point Pleasant Beach.

Nothing spectacular happened on the way there. Upon arriving we discovered that we couldn’t actually get in the water because it was too ‘rough’. Seriously, even me the avid swimmer could have handled those tiny waves. I did have my worries about Brienne getting in the water. Luckily neither of us were allowed in it. Due the water restriction, we had 6 amazing hours in the beach where we talked, and talked, did nothing, and most importantly built a ‘castle’ of sorts. That was fun. It was probably a yard in diameter and it had a nice ditch all around it (my side of the castle being much nicer than her’s). We even received a complement from a little kid later on in the day. (“Look at the pretty castle”) There was a small lesson learned though: Never make a castle under the umbrella because I think in the list of priorities I think humans should get the shade before the castle does.

But that was only the beginning for we had to be interrupted by you know what that shall not be named. The Expedition to Find the Holy Big Blue Box. Brie assured me that I could walk barefoot on the boardwalk. Yeah.. She also forgot that I have feet of a princess, they have never touched anything rougher than carpet and therefore are as silky and sensitive as a baby’s butt (a clean one). After roaming both sides to find the ‘Big Blue Box’ which still boggles my mind why it would be so big, my feet had two enormous blisters. But seriously, the Big Blue Box is so enormous, hasn’t anyone invested a bit of time in making it smaller? They might as well put wheels so that you can pull it around behind you. Alright, enough about the Big Blue Box.

Once we found the Big Blue Box (yes, 5th mention in this post) we took a walk up and down the beach. And there once again I demonstrated that my feet are far too delicate for the rough ragged sand beach (those broken shells seriously took a toll on my feet though).

6 hours later, now 4 in the afternoon, we got up and took a more relaxed walk on the boardwalk. Those little houses facing the beach are quite neat to look at. Some really are unique to say the least. Heading back we stopped at an Arcade so Brie could waste some valuable money in one of those monkey key chains. While we waited in line to get her prize, I am not sure what I did, but it was something that made me do the silly laugh I have, this little girl in a lavender dress look up at me and started for a good minute not knowing if she should run or laugh. This is how I noticed that the girl was staring at me:

  • I look around and see the girl staring at me, no big deal right. (I continue to look around the Arcade)
  • I have a feeling I’m being stared at so I look down at the girl and she is still focused on me… (alright, I’m just really tall and she is amazed at that). I continue to look around
  • Second later I look down again and she is still looking at me. I have to check if its really me so I look at Brie who now has noticed that the girl looks like deer in front of headlights.
  • I look at Brie. Brie looks at me.
  • We both look at the little girl.

I think I have officially traumatized a little girl with my girly laugh. After we got the monkey key chain we resumed the walk. When it was around 7 we proceeded to the car and headed home only to notice that I had not paid a single second of attention to what was around us on the way to the beach, meaning: I had no idea where I was really going for nothing was familiar. Luckily we didn’t get lost and in 45 minutes we were back in Hopewell.

[Nothing goes here]

I don’t think I have ever had such a pleasant time at the beach and this way by far better than what had occurred 1 year ago on our .5 anniversary I hope to repeat this in the future, perhaps on our big 2.5.