Brain Meltdown


One AP test out of the way and the other one being postponed to next week so I can study for it. I just have a few minor things to worry about (sarcasm).
  • Final concentrated studies project (code named 52-61-65. If someone figures out what it is I’m changing it)
  • Final Humanities project (aka pain in the ass)
  • Final Electronics project (soldering 48 microscopic lights will take for ever)
  • Final IR project (the biggest BS I have seen in 4 years of HS).

This is school work, now to my life. Prom next week (sweet), graduation is really close, half my family is visiting and staying in my house (there is not enough space so I plan on running away for a while) and someones birthday is next month (?). And I still have the feeling I’m forgetting something.

For most people this would be considered hell, and I’m starting to think that too but I love it, it makes me 100 times more productive and focused. (I think I’m typeing faster too or it might be all the EuroDance music I have been listening too; best music I have ever heard)