Bowling at Curtis (Revised 12 hours later)


I love when I get material to write about that makes me sound like I just had the most fantastic outing in the world, and even so much that it makes me want to share it with the entire world. So I meat this girl, called Katie who is dating my friend Nathan. From what I had heard of her she seemed, I must say, quite amazing. First, of all who dates a nerd like Nathan (or for that matter me). And second, it’s a fact that you can’t be both pretty and nerdy-intelligent (intelligent in nerdy stuff like LOTR trivia and what not). And for sometime I was shocked to hear the news that a good friend of mine might have found such a cool gal to say the least. Of course me, I felt a bit jealous since I could only image what it would be like to to have date someone who once went through the “Trekie” experience. But, I was right it was too good to be true. She is so nerdy, too nerdy actually. From the little I know about these things, its good that opposites attract. The opposite of you makes you do things you wouldn’t have done before (stuff like going to a dance, or maybe not too far in the future – ice skating). So it was a relieve to meet her and put a close on that. It made me feel so very proud of so many things.

Bowling went well. I only played a game and than I was wonderfully interrupted by Brienne. And had a wonderfully non-nerdy friendly talk. (to contrast all the nerdy stuff I was in between with Jon and friends). Conclusion… If you can’t tell, I never felt better in my life and someone else being there with me. While we bowled one of the staff guys who had previously made jokes of how we were all dating each other (since we payed for each other, since most of us had no money) came to our lane and through his keys down the lane and actually made the middle pin fall. And since that didn’t count as a turn, he decided to through the most wicked curved ball in the world. Did I mention he was a total Southern hick, he was funny.

We also managed to make the entire staff get mad at us, and start watching out to see if we would do anything stupid like running down the lane and getting ball so he could try again. Or making really loud inappropriate remarks so that the rest of the place could hear. And later talking about Jon’s up coming porn movie, which sadly I will not start in..

As last time I went with them, I had fun driving. This time we ‘raced’ our beat up old cars down 31 to Jon’s house. I say ‘race’ since that really for our cars is going at the speed limit. Its dark and rainy, with just enough fog to make the lights look spooly but still enough to see well, and suddenly the only lane road splits into 2. Nathan (the car in front of me) notices that I want to ‘race’ and so starts swerving side to side, but with the little that the escort could puff, I pass him by a wopping 10mph over the speed limit, you should have heard how my beast roared. Of course he caught up, and we slowly and carefully (since neither of our cars can go that fast) we started to accelerate.. Execept that I wasn’t going to go 30 over the limit so he cut me off and passed me. Later I took a shortcut, and still got back to Jon’s house before he did by at least 5 minutes. But no worries Brienne, amazingly enough, through all of that I kept in mind how you told me to go slow and to take care…

Note: This was written at 2:30 in the morning.. I’m sure I have a ton of misspellings.