Beard it shall be


After this week, I noticed that I do like the more unshaved look. I feel older, and it fits me better in a way. Sure its a pain to sleep because it rubs on the pillow and when you dry your face with a towel your beard gets full of fluff. Not to mention it feels odd. But I like it, the only issue is how to maintain it, because I’m way too laze to do anything special and if I do nothing it will just grow and grow. But at the same time its weird to have a full beard and than shave it all. People probably think I’m weird if I keep doing this for much longer. Don’t worry, I’ll shave when I come home (23 days).

Btw. Sorry Hope for the quote, haha. I offered my service but you were all uptight.

And why is everyone picking on Eve 6. The band that I’m really addicted to is Kings of Convenience. Check it out.