Back to school, College style


Eh, I’m dorky enough to actually come back and visit my old teachers. Mrs. Yeomens (by far my favorite), Mr. O’Brien (someone to look up to), Mr. Sattler (the family manI wish one day to become), and the rest of the people who are just amusing to talk to. I feel horrible with the amount of people that say hi to me, and yet I have no clue what their names are. It makes me want to get the year book, get their name.

Jon and I have noticed that we should see life as it is. Which is a nice change from 7 years ago when we still had unreachable dreams. We saw that teaching could be our future, and that settling down is bound to happen sooner or later. It wouldn’t be so bad, specially after you talk to teachers, who now that you graduated, are a bit more honest about what life is all about.

After that, well.. Hmmm. I had tons of fun (despite feeling guilty). Today might have been the first day where it just felt casual and carefree. Haha, too much fun. As for the guilty aspect of the day, well, I still do feel it, but I was happy that it worked out in the end. I will only use that sort of tactic when time is crucial and I haven’t been around for some time. And as for those who might not quite get it, well, you aren’t because it’s none of your business.