A Taxi Experience


I’m not quite sure what the chances are for me in the span of one year to get the same taxi driver twice. But I got the Jamaican taxi driver again. I’m not one to make small talk, ever (not even when getting my hair cut), but the conversation I had with him, again, was hilarious. First, he had to drop this old man, which at first I thought was a complete drunk, but throughout the ride I noticed he was quite interesting. While going to his house, his daughter (9 years old, yeah sort of sketchy) called him to ask him when he was getting home and he made this entire thing about how he was an old man and had decided to stay in NYC. I’m sure his daughter liked the surprise of seeing him. Oh, he lived in the sketchy, don’t go after dark, part of Albany.

After dropping him off, we were exactly on the other side of Albany and for some reason the driver decided to take me for a tour of Albany. I can officially say that in one year here at Albany I have only gone downtown 3 times (once with my parents, once by taking the downtown bus instead of the uptown bus, and yesterday with him). There are so many government buildings here that it’s not even funny. And some are so nice that it makes you want to claim that Albany is a miniature version of Washington D.C.

While going through the ‘party’ section of Albany this drunk old man tried to get into the taxi. He actually tried opening the door, which thank god was locked. But guess what, that’s the area I’m living next year. Its actually really nice, specially my dorm. I can’t wait to see my future room, definite good times will be had in 206B.