A small step yesterday, a leap to-morrow


Graduation was nice enough, I got completely confused with all the camera people on the stage when I got my diploma but other than that the evening was alright. I got Bingo during Bach’s speech (and other administrators)! My family is too obnoxious with pictures, I couldn’t wait to get it over with. But from all the congratulations that I got, the best one wasn’t from my family or friends. It might be because it had nothing to do with succeeding in life but rather just be happy. That made my day since I much rather be happy than succeed in life. Later we went to dinner, which was hell. Everyone is fussy with food. Some don’t know English well enough and when you have so many people at a table it’s really not the time to be asking what Cranberry is or which noodles is better. Not to mention my grandparents weren’t listening very well. That drove me up the walls.