A new chapter I think has begun


It seems that every time I return home a new chapter begins, and I end up with the most amazing weekends of the year. This one began on Friday when I went to Princeton for coffee and received the best present ever, the picture. I can’t describe how much I loved it, and still do. The Winnie Pooh tape is also tons of fun, I might start an entire new collection of sing along music. But, the picture, I love it, its so charming, huggable, and sadly cute. (Someday maybe, if I get the permission of its owner I will post it up – not that that is likely to ever happen). I also believe I saw the last swim meet from some years to come. I enjoyed it, and I’m glad I got there right when it began, I started to worry I would have missed the star of the team. Following that we did something simple, a nice way to end an evening.

Wow, I don’t think I can really recall the last big wow I had. And this might be the biggest one to date. Not just because of that, but all the ideas that are indirectly connected to it. (If you have no clue, which should be the case for almost everyone just move on to the next paragraph)

Then we have NYC. Compared to last time it was not quite as amazing, the quirk being The Subway, MOMA and Walking in the dangerous crowded streets of the big apple. The museum went by really quickly which gave a good amount of time to roam around. I love how some things just happen, like where we ate. Sort of random, and yet not. I have way too much fun I think though and its only recent that this has started to show. Maybe because I feel so comfortable to make myself an ass, and do whatever I think without hesitation. That did get me almost in trouble though, so I guess I should keep that a bit more under control. But I still had a lot of fun from the little things (too many to ever list) which I’ll be deprived from for the next 4 weeks (until spring break!).