A job?


It seems that by luck I might have found a job for the summer. Its not yet official and it will only be made official Thursday when I go for a pseudo interview but I feel confident that it will be mine. Unlike most people, I really don’t care about being paid. It is here that you see those who do things for fun, and those who do things because they have to. I personally think work is better done if you do it for love alone and nothing else. That’s just me. Maybe I’ll use the money to buy/give more luxuries (no one can ever have enough of them).

Depressingly I had to shop alone for a new style. I like it, if you don’t I could care less.

I have been thinking of starting the new hobby of cycling and today I got the chance to look for a bike only to discover how outrages bikes cost. For $2000 I could buy me self a nice new computer (which I need). Oh, but the bike is like the BMW of bikes: smooth ride, light, comfortable… They are heaven right under your butt.

I need to get a present for Brie as well. Something simple, perhaps a box of chocolates (which I know she loves) or perhaps flowers again (because you know how rarely I give those out). You see, that’s probably what most boyfriends do, be thankful I’m not like that.