A dream come true


It is amazing that after one year, of hoping and wishing, I was finally granted the opportunity to take her to New York City. So let’s see, I feel like writting my entire day, and since this is my site, I shall do as I please.

I overslept and when I woke up I noticed that I should have planned the NY trip a bit better. Granted that I know NY probably just as well as Pennington, but I didn’t want to screw up and later get sued by Mother Cignarella (haha, love that expression from Our Town). So by the time I had done that I only had time to change and get going. Nothing special after that happened.

Now for the highlight, Brinne can be just as dorky as me. Who on earth would recall a Civil War painter?! If you think a museum is dull, well you just haven’t found the right person. I definitely did. I have seen plenty of musuems and the Metropolitan at least 5 times, but that was the best visit I have had to a musuem. That was just too much fun… prrr.

Train rides are fun also, for some because it was a first, but for me because, well, it was good for catching up to things. Specially after a total of almost 3 hours sitting side by side with nothing to do. Considering that I never go so much out of a single day, this sort of day should definitely happen again.