4 Day weeks


Today I someone told me that sight singing is not process of elimination. But is it not? Is not life just a process of elimination all in itself? From multiple choice tests to dating, is it not all but a guess. And with the help of statistics we happen to get better at guessing? But non the less, there is no way of knowing for certain anything, we can only hope that statistics is on our side. With that in mind…

This weekend, despite me being in quite a vertigo, I think I rendered the most productive 3 day weekend since last semester. I wrote this formula which is so amazing, its a combination of at least 10 other ones all put together. Its group sex for mathematicians and computer scientists. It makes you just want to take it and whip it around, spank it, and find the indefinet integral of it. I really want to print a large poster version of it and hang it up so I can gaze at its beauty. (the only thing more beautiful is that picture with that green plaid shirt, haha)

Is it wrong if you start feeling like your life is just one large marriage councelling session? Woe is me, haha.

Who wants to give me more musical suggestions, I’m sick of all my music – I need more new stuff (preferebly popular enough stuff so that I can download it for free).