19th Birthday


More exciting than I had ever expected. First we have Brienne’s present which despite me expecting it, I had no idea what it would be. I was hoping for either that purple sweater or that picture of her in 6th grade with the plated green shirt. But both I really doubt I’ll ever get from her. That got me really excited and ‘pumping’ for the rest of the day.

Choir was also really special. I was in Chamber Singers for 3 years in High School and I never liked it as much as I do now in just one semester. Today was the last real gig until next year which seems to be ages from now. But something really surprising and embarrassing happened in the first half of our performance, someone (or rather Dianna) spread the word of my birthday. Needless to say that they sang Happy Birthday right in the middle of the performance. That was cool, I have seen that happen to other people, but that was my first.

Down side to that is that people now know my age. Funny to see how people always think I’m older than I really am.