Reading suggestions


freitag Freitag: Individual Recycled Freeway Bags
This is a masterpiece. The book is entirely propaganda for Freitag (they make sexy bags). This is my favorite book.

McSweeney McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern Issue 13
This book proably has more words than any other in this list. Full of alternative comic strips and interesting essays. It’s a cheap book too considering the size and quality.

1000signs 1000 Signs (Klotz)
Not a bad book at all, it has more pictures than words but its a nice read when you have nothing to do. And it looks great on a coffee table.

suspended Suspended in Language: Niels Bohr’s Life, Discoveries, and the Century He Shaped
This is one funny book. It’s the biography of Bohr, the guy who created modern physics, I’m showing this book to Mrs.Yeomans.