Music of 2005


I think this was the year of going from ‘Alternative’ music (which has now become basically Popular music) to ‘Indie’ music. Classifications are always misleading and overrated yet they do symbolize what the group think of themselves. Rap means ghetto and rebellius, pop means ‘omg its like so cool’, alternative means exactly what the label indicates, and indie.. well.. its just totally different. The label has no direct corrolation to the sound: its the apex of ecletisism. So with no further ramblings, my tastes of 2005.

* Stereophonics: “Language. Sex. Violence. Other?” – Great when played really loudly
* The Killers: “Hot Fuss”
* Ben Folds: “Songs for Silverman” – I checked every day on iTunes for the day I could download the album
* Electric Light Orchestra

* New Order: “Waiting for the Siren’s Call”
* Brazillian Girls – How can one not like this band’s name.
* Beck: “Guero”
* U2 – All of the albums at once, great stuff.
* Snow Patrol – Hardly new, yet I never heard their Indie roots.

* Coldplay: “X & Y” – I still have mixed feelings about it
* Annie: “Anniemal” – Euro Pop!

* Bright Eyes: “I’m wide awake, it’s morning”

* KT Tunstal: “Eye to the Telescope”8
* DJ Shadow – Porbably the only ‘rap’ which I like
* Modest Mouse: “Good News for People Who Love Bad News”
* Caesars: “Paper Tigers”

* Kaiser Chiefs: “Employment”
* Bloodhound Gang: “Hefty Fine”
* Death Cab for Cutie
* Her Space Holiday: “The Young Machines”
* Elliot Smith: “Figure 8″
* Jets to Brazil: “Four Cornered Night”
* Wilco: “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”

* Rilo Kiley
* The Streets: “Original Pirate Material” – UK Rap is silly
* Madonna: “Confessions on a Dance Floor”