Keane in concert


Keane is what other bands should look up to. For sake of completeness, I shall ramble about all of the events which took place yesterday.

I have started having the bad habit of just skimming over a map, writing down some of my own directions, and hoping that I get to the place that I want. So far, it has proved not so bad of a system, other than sort of being lost in Phili, almost getting on a ferry to the other side of the river, and missing 95 almost twice. Yet once I found the parking lot I was quite content with myself (definite ego booster there).

[Talk about eating goes here]

So it was raining, and I was totally not prepared for that but I think it only made it more exciting. The people there were definitely diverse in age (not in color or ethnicity). This probably explains that one odd moment when Keane was on PST. The piano guy was my favorite part though. You had to be there to see him play but I don’t think I’ve seen someone feeling the music so well. There is something that makes him sound so much better live than on the CD.

I can’t wait to go to another concert, perhaps Coldplay!