Chicken Reproduction


During lunch, somehow, the conversation went into how eggs are made. I was the one to bring the question up, but I’m sure I had a good reason. So here are some interesting facts.

  • One rooster can fertilize in 32 hours and entire flock of hens. Damn, I want to be a rooster.
  • Hens are fertile for 4 weeks after the rooster does his thing. Apparetly hens keep a storage of eggs, and that’s why they can produce for so long despite having to rooster around. I’m glad us humans, or rather, women, are not like that. Imagine, having kids for years on end, after just one night.
  • Not the best one. A egg hatches in 21 days. That’s insane. From liquid to solid in 21 days. Wow.

Now that I look back on this, I’m not quite sure where this was going, but I found it kind of interesting. And I’m sure it had some connection to the conversation during lunch that I had with Brienne.