The trip there


While I was typing an e-mail I completely neglected to check the weather outside. Little did I know of a storm that was going on. So my flight was delayed for 2 hours. The flight it self was great and the food was better than the one from prom. When I got to england I had enough time to search for a Starbucks. I purchased the most expensive `Grande Mocha`s of my life (6 dollars). The flight to germany was also nice and I was amazed to see how I quickly remembered the german. It feels odd since I have no conscious of the language and yet it just comes out of my mouth. I did get lost for an hour at the airport trying to find where I could get the train. But the building is so nice I feel I’m in a futuristic building. The train is orgasmic and I’m taking tons of pictures of their inside. Things to note
  • People smoke a lot here, and everywhere
  • Germany is the heaven of urban planning
  • Everything is as you would expect; logical and organized
  • I cannot wait to start visiting places to-morrow.