Second thoughts on Paris


I might have just been tired from the 6+ hour trip but today wasn’t that bad. Not only did I get down enough of the French to communicate with other beings (vending machines are great when you don’t know the language). In 3 hours of fast paced walking I saw everything without even looking at the map. First the Eiffel Tower. I must say that took away my breadth for a minute or two, the thing is just there, you don’t expected it at all, and than… boom right in yourfavce. Than a walked a bit more, and guess what I found. I also saw the Louvre and the museum of modern art.

On to a new topic: my hotel. When I first got into the hotel things looked fine until last night I saw the bathroom. Hmm… for someone as spoiled as me it was quite an experience. The door does not have a lock or anything to keep it shut. That’s alittle odd when you consider I’m sleeping with 2 girls. Oh and the bathroom is probably less than 5×5 feet. I can’t really move in there. And I don’t think things will get much better… next stop is 6 person dorm with 1 shared bathroom.