Do I look American


Today was my first full day here and for some reason I feel I have this large sticker on my face saying `Speek English to me`. Quite a few times today, before I even aproached someone they already said Hi in english. I can speak well enough German for people not be forced in speaking english. grr

Other than sight seeing which no one really cares about, I still don’t really understand how the transportation system inside the city works. I think I went quite a few times on these little inner city trains without paying, and everytime I have the chance to read the sign that says that if you ride without a valid ticket the fine is 40 euro which is about 50 dollars. Other than that the trains are amazing, today I got on the ICE which is the high-speed train and wow what a ride. It goes 230m/h and they are silent from the outside (something which I find amazing considering the noise trains in the US make).

People here also show way too much affection to their beloved on the street. I don’t know if its the culture or there are simply more couples on the street. It is very cruel of them to do this right in front of me.