Collaborative plaigiarism detection


I have been pondering the possibility of creating a distributed and collaborative system to detect plagiarism in assignments submitted by students in universities. No one can really trust the effectiveness of automated systems such as for as reliable as it is: its far from a perfect system. The lack of trust in automated systems results in graders having to manually ‘double-check’ the results to be sure that the results are reliable. What I propose is a collaborative plagiarism detection system where assignments are checked twice: once by a computer thereby eliminating clear insistences of lack of plagiarism and a second check made collaboratively by those who use such system.

The system will work by allowing graders to check as many sets of assignments as they wish(thought by the automated part of the system to be potentially plagiarized) and decided if it is plagiarized in their opinion or not. The key here however is that the sets shown to the grader should be no longer than a few lines long, this will eliminate bias based on content surrounding the scene of the potential crime. The effectiveness of this will be based on participation. The more graders that exist and the more sets that are evaluated the more effective it will be. Due to the short nature of each set it should take a very short moment for one to evaluate it and therefor creating a fast speedy system for identifying cheaters.